Zelina Vega & Paige have a very smart Twitter spat

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After Paige was relieved of her General Manager duties on SmackDown Live last night (Dec. 18), the second generation wrestling performer was being buzzed about online. I didn’t check the stats, but I believe she was probably getting enough attention that Michael Cole or Tom Phillips would have said she was “trending worldwide”.

Which makes it a good time for a member of the WWE roster looking to raise her profile to drag and tag Paige on Twitter:

At first I wondered what the point was, seeing as Paige isn’t going to be cleared to wrestle in WWE and Zelina Vega is primarily a manager for Andrade Almas. Then I realized this isn’t just Vega trying to get her name out there. She smartly uses their shared connection to Fighting With My Family, the Dwayne Johnson-produced Paige biopic in theaters in February of 2019. as part of her dig at the Anti-Diva (under her real name Thea Trinidad, Zelina plays AJ Lee).

Recognizing that, or perhaps even having coordinated the whole thing with Vega, Paige gives her the old retweet – adding a dismissive jab which will grab even more attention:

Can’t be mad at workers working.

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