Yes, WrestleMania’s too long… what should WWE do about it?

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The general consensus coming out of WrestleMania 35 seems to be that it was an okay-to-really good event for WWE. Fan favorites won on a card that was largely free of absolute stinkers. History was made a couple times over. A fresh, diverse pair of charismatic performers are making the morning talk show circuit today, representing the company as champions.

So it has to sting a little that one of the major topics of conversation is that the show at MetLife Stadium was entirely too long. With a Kickoff starting at 5PM on Sun., April 7 and a main event which ended at 12:24AM on Mon., April 8, the length of the show’s being blamed for everything from the lackluster reaction later matches received to the transit problems fans had leaving New Jersey afterwards.

It’s entirely unclear if WWE thinks it’s a problem. With amassing content for WWE Network a strategic focus for the company, more minutes of their biggest brand name event is a feature, not a bug. As long as cities are vying for the right to host, and fans are selling out stadiums, there’s no financial reason for Vince McMahon to do anything about the show’s length.

But if he did, there seem to be two competing theories on how to fix the problem:

1. Ditch the “everyone has to be on the card” mentality, focus on only the biggest stars & hottest matches, and shorten the runtime to a more manageable 3 – 4 hours.


2. Go ahead and give everyone a ‘Mania payday, but split the card and run it over two days as two shorter shows.

As a consumer, what would you have them do? As noted above, they may not listen. But the McMahons say we have the power – and WrestleMania 35’s booking decisions make that look like it’s at least somewhat true.

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What should WWE do about the length of future WrestleManias?

  • 48%

    Book fewer stars & matches to shorten the runtime

    (330 votes)

  • 36%

    Split the card and run two shows over WrestleMania weekend

    (252 votes)

  • 14%

    Nothing, I love getting seven hours of ‘Mania every year!

    (102 votes)

684 votes total

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