WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Officially Announced On Raw

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WWE fans have been begging for Women’s Tag Team Championships to be released for quite some time, with many believing that the titles would be officially announced at the first all-women’s PPV Evolution. Instead, they were announced on the Christmas Eve episode of Raw by Vince McMahon, who was dressed up as Santa Claus, no less.

Last week, Vince McMahon promised the WWE Universe that he would be making changes to “freshen” up the main roster product and give fans more of what they want. After having the women main event Raw last week in an excellent Gauntlet Match, WWE made an even bigger announcement for the Women’s Division on tonight’s Christmas Eve episode.

Dressed up as Santa Claus, Vince McMahon made some important announcements, including a steel cage match between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre on next week’s episode of Raw, as well as John Cena’s return to the main roster (he’s a free agent who can appear on Raw and SmackDown).

But both of those main event-worthy announcements paled in comparison to the monumental announcement of the Women’s Tag Team Championships. After months of speculation, hoping, and begging from the WWE Universe, the promotion finally made the announcement official, and it will be exciting to see the titles unveiled shortly.

I’m still laughing at how Vince made these announcements as a “gift” dressed up in an itchy Santa costume, as it was hard to understand what he was saying because of the beard! Still, we were all overjoyed to hear that the Women’s Tag Titles will be forthcoming, and while we were prepared for them to be released months ago, I’m fine with WWE taking their time.

This is huge news, because it gives the women of WWE another meaningful title to fight for, which should lead to more screen time in this allegedly “new” era where the fans get more of what they want. It’s clear that WWE fans have been wanting more of a spotlight on the women’s divisions, and Vince showing up on SmackDown Live during a women’s segment, days after the SmackDown Women’s Championship main evented TLC and owned the show, is a sign that WWE knows this.

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Sasha Banks and Bayley are the favorites to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships, but don’t sleep on the IIconics either. There are several great tag teams – such as Absolution, the Riott Squad, and Naomi and Asuka – in WWE, but it’s clear that the Boss and Hug Connection will be the cornerstone tag team for this new title. Fans love watching Banks and Bayley, and their matches have helped defined this era of WWE; it will be exciting to watch all these teams compete in what will likely be a tournament that gets all WWE fans riled up.


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