WWE wastes no time celebrating Hulk Hogan’s return

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Hulk Hogan returned to WWE television at Crown Jewel yesterday in Saudi Arabia, and now that he’s officially back in the company, they don’t have to hold back with the kind of content they can push centered on him. They wasted no time doing just that, with the latest WWE Top 10 featuring a look at his “greatest moments.” We don’t know what the future holds for Hogan on WWE TV, if any, but considering this, we can reasonably expect that he’ll have some sort of role going forward, likely sooner rather than later.

Past “Top Ten”/”Greatest ____” lists from WWE:

– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part one)
– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part two)
– Greatest babyface turns
– Greatest heel turns
– Famous Firings
– Funniest falls
– Mic botches
– Shocking returns
– Most memorable debuts
– Greatest slaps
– Most surprising championship changes
– Dramatic Royal Rumble endings
– Funniest moments
– Greatest insults
– Biggest breakups
– Fastest title changes
– Ridiculous reversals
– Finisher combinations
– Defining TakeOver moments
– Craziest kickouts
– Most creative fan chants
– Broken rings
– Shane McMahon’s Insanity
– Undertaker’s chokeslams
– Chris Jericho attacks
– WrestleMania’s Forgotten Celebs
– Stars Kicked Out of Factions
– Most Extreme WrestleMania Moments
– Ringside Invasions
– Outside-the-ring finishers
– McMahon Family Showdowns
– Anti-Superstar conspiracies
– Tag Team Formations
Extreme Rules moments
– Cold-blooded Superstar betrayals
– Incredible Superstar reunions
– Best catchphrases of the last decade
– Moves that have beaten John Cena
– Before they were famous
– Best impersonations
– Draft Day shockers
– Strangest Battlegrounds
– Impactful Raw debuts
– Superstar pick-up lines
– Superstar Weddings Gone Wrong
– Extreme SummerSlam moments
– Backstage meltdowns
– John Cena World title wins
– Career-threatening match moments
– Rapid-fire finishing moves
– Controversial Finishes
– Goldberg Spears
– Hell-ish Hell in a Cell moments
– Masters of the Superkick
– Wildest Powerbombs
– Sneakiest Superstar disguises
– Manhandled Managers
– Survivor Series debuts
Raw vs. SmackDown battles
– Superstars smashed through ladders
– Most Dominant Returns
– Superstars Getting Crushed on Cars
– Announce table crash landings
– Big Men Destroying Underdogs
– Guest referees wrecking Superstars
– Mirrored double-team maneuvers
– Tests of strength
– Finishing moves on the stage
– Fastest eliminations in Royal Rumble history
– Best Elimination Chamber matches
– Announcer beatdowns
– OMG Elimination Chamber moments
– Superstars playing with fire
– Brock Lesnar’s most shocking F5s
– Backstage assaults
– Superstars getting fired
– Hardy Boyz ladder attacks
– Hostile crowd reactions
– Ring breakers
– John Cena’s best verbal smackdowns
– Guest referees getting wrecked
– Great Shield moments
– Incredible Royal Rumble match saves
– Crazy Elimination Chamber jumps
– Funniest WrestleMania moments
– WrestleMania returns
– WrestleMania endings
– Epic Fails
– Wildest Wedding Moments

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