WWE wants to talk about Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins’ relationship

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File this under just a hunch.

While browsing WWE.com’s latest behind the scenes post-PPV gallery, something stood out. Newly confirmed WWE power couple, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are featured together a lot.



Now it makes sense for Universal Champion and the Raw Women’s Champion to be used heavily in a Money in the Bank photo gallery. Then again, these poses are screaming out that WWE wants you to know that The Man and The Beastslayer are in fact dating.

Couple this with Paul Heyman weaving Rollins’ relationship with Lynch into his promo on Monday Night Raw and things may start to add up.

“You should be used to waiting, Seth Rollins. It’s like waiting around seven hours at WrestleMania for your girlfriend to main event the show that you dreamt of main eventing since you were……”

Yeah Heyman is so good on the mic, he turned being a supportive partner into a diss somehow.

Monday night was the first time Lynch and Rollins relationship was brought up on WWE television. Maybe it’s nothing or maybe WWE is slowly conditioning their audience to view Lynch and Rollins as an item.

Can WWE help themselves or should fans already start prepping for a future Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins versus Charlotte Flair and Andrade match at SummerSlam?

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