WWE testing intergender waters with Ambrose/Jax house show match

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At Royal Rumble last month, WWE raised eyebrows by not only having Nia Jax enter the men’s Rumble match, but having her take standard offense from male wrestlers. In the past when women have entered the over-the-top rope elimination battle royal, they’ve been sent to the floor after delivering some offense. In Phoenix, Jax took moves like Rey Mysterio’s 6-1-9 and Randy Orton’s RKO before being eliminated.

It felt different, and when Jax got into it with Dean Ambrose the next night on Raw. That was more of a standard WWE mixed tag, women-can-hit-men scene, but coming on the heels of the Rumble spots, fans wondered. Then news broke, and WWE confirmed, that Ambrose is leaving the company in April when his contract expires.

Now this, which several different accounts (starting with @flairsnia) are reporting is from a local television advertisement for the Sat., Feb. 22 house show in Jonesboro, Arkansas:

WWE promoted some intergender matches in the fall of 2017, but James Ellsworth vs. Becky Lynch was more of a comedy sideshow. Of course, with rumors that his scene with Jax was designed to embarrass Ambrose on his way out the door, maybe this will be, too. Or, the “Intergender Special Attraction” could never happen, either because this ad isn’t legit, or “card subject to change”, or some kayfabe storyline on the night of the show (turning it into a standard mixed tag, for example).

We’ll find out. But just advertising a man fighting a woman, WWE is going to get attention from both the pro and con sides of the intergender wrestling argument.

Buckle up.

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