WWE SmackDown Predictions: Mustafa Ali’s Big Win

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WWE SmackDown Live Randy Orton RKO Samoa Joe

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With 3 major matches already set for this week’s SmackDown Live, who will come away from this episode with significant Elimination Chamber momentum?

A lot of people were very high on SmackDown Live last week. I was not one of those people.

Most of the episode ultimately felt a lot like the Super Bowl, boring and repetitive.

How many times will we end up seeing Becky Lynch fight Charlotte Flair? I get that they’re mortal enemies, but it’s getting very old. While their initial feud and matches were great, seeing them in yet another pull-apart brawl just isn’t exciting anymore.

Thankfully, Lynch is moving to Raw this week and will hopefully be away from her never-ending Flair feud for quite awhile.

Unfortunately, an unnecessary chapter in Lynch versus Flair was far from the only lackluster segment.

Andrade attacked Rey Mysterio, presumably to set up another match between the two at Elimination Chamber. This already has all the makings of a Shinsuke Nakamura versus A.J. Styles situation where WWE sees that we all enjoy a match, so they decide to run it over and over again until we’re just sick of it.

If that wasn’t enough though, this feud also seems to be heading towards the path of centering around Mysterio’s relationship with Eddie Guerrero considering Andrade’s ‘Three Amigos’ attempt during the attack.

That storyline is simply something I don’t need to see again. That angle’s been used so many times for cheap heat already that I would hope WWE could find a way to elevate Andrade without centering this extended rivalry around it.

With blandness and repetition the primary themes of Smackdown last week, there was at least one refreshing segment that actually artfully called back to another famous angle in wrestling history.

Hopefully, this week focuses more on building storylines like that, rather than replaying old ones.

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