WWE SmackDown Live January 1, 2019 Spoilers

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This evening WWE will celebrate new tapings of SmackDown Live from the PPG Paints Arena of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is because the episode on Tuesday coincides with the celebration of the first day of the year 2019. The taping of the matches is held for the 205 Live show that will be broadcast next week on the WWE Network.

The show takes time to start. The first to enter is The New Day with Big E baby dress. The three members announce their participation in the Royal Rumble.

It confirms the realization of a fatal 5-way to determine the next challenger to the WWE Championship in Royal Rumble. AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Mustafa Ali and Randy Orton are the only confirmed fighters for this match. The fifth participant in this fight will be the winner of the match between Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe to be held in moments

– Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy to qualify the fatal 5-way for an opportunity to the WWE Championship. During the combat, Hardy makes several aerial maneuvers that excite the public. However, Joe managed to interpose to apply the coquina clutch to get the surrender of his opponent.

– AJ Styles, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon are discussing backstage. Styles refuses to apologize to Vince for what happened at the end of last week’s episode when The Phenomenal hit The Chairman after he provoked it. He warns Vince that he will show him what is done tonight and proceeds to retire, to which Shane tells his father that he must be careful to provoke AJ.

– Rusev Day arrives in Pittsburgh. Rusev and Lana enter the scene to celebrate the victory that the Bulgarian obtained last week, with which he was crowned champion of the United States. The audience gets excited singing “Rusev Day USA” until Shinsuke Nakamura attacks Rusev from behind until he is lying on the floor. Lana tries to stop the Japanese, but he dodges and she ends up on the ground. Rusev is distracted and receives the kinsasha of Nakamura, who takes the title he lost last week and proceeds to mock the Bulgarian. The segment ends with Nakamura throwing himself on the third rope towards Rusev.

Naomi enters the ring for her next match. His opponent will be Mandy Rose, who appears with a top with the logo “Day One” characteristic of The Usos. However, when the referee rings the bell, he asks his partner Sonya DeVille to take her place in the match, which the referee accepts without a problem.

– Sonya Deville defeats Naomi. The match was overshadowed by the distractions of Mandy Rose, who took the microphone to talk about how much Jimmy Use, Naomi’s husband, exults her. Rose proceeds to show on the screens a very provocative photo of herself only covered by a towel and tells Naomi that she sent that photograph to Jimmy. DeVille takes advantage of the situation to quickly take her opponent for the three counts.

– John Cena makes his return to SmackDown Live wrapped in the ovation of the fans present. He starts talking about his 2018, the changes that have occurred in his life and the many projects he has embarked on. The audience changes their cheers to boos, and Cena compares how quickly the fans ask him to leave the stadium with how abrupt his separation with Nikki Bella was. Becky Lynch appears on the scene and interrupts Cena. She clarifies that, as she did with Charlotte, she displaced the leader of the Cenation from the top, and warns her that if she has any problems with that, she will show him Nikki Bella is not the only woman capable of leaving him on the ground.

Lynch is interrupted by Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega. Both are humiliated by Cena until they decide to resolve the differences of both pairs in mixed combat by teams.

– John Cena and Becky Lynch defeat Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega. The combat had the full participation of Becky and Vega. Cena requested the relief on multiple occasions, but his partner did not give it to him. Finally, she pushed Cena to ringside and proceeded to apply the armbar to Vega to get the victory. The redhead withdraws from the stage making the gesture of ” U Can not See Me ” of Cena.

The Miz and Shane McMahon cross in backstage. Miz thanks Shane for agreeing to be his partner, and tells him that he is already working on the outfit they will use in their battles. Proceed to show him a picture of both identical dresses, which causes Shane to move away quickly.

In another backstage segment, Asuka talks to Triple H about her upcoming defense of the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She tells him that he will challenge any superstar who gets in his way. In that Charlotte appears to challenge her for her title. Carmella also appears, saying that she deserves an opportunity. Becky Lynch is the third to ask for her title match. Finally, Triple H tells the four of them that they will discuss the matter with the McMahons and make a decision later.

– AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Mustafa Ali, and Samoa Joe and will face Danel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. The combat counted on an outstanding spot in which Joe sent to Styles towards the table of the commentators. Despite that, The Phenomenal managed to recover again entered the ring to get the victory after making the account to Orton. This is the last match that will be taped for the show on Tuesday.

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