WWE seems to be promoting a Undertaker vs. Sting match… from 1998?

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Earlier this week, WWE threw this up on their Instagram…

Cool Photoshop of a Sting vs. Undertaker dream showdown from the 90s, and one that mostly drew a lot response along the lines of “well, you could have booked that and gave us Sting vs. Triple H instead, so…”

It seemed like that would be the end of it.

Then today, this got tweeted:

This has folks repeating the above reaction, with a healthy dose of “we watched Super ShowDown – we’re good on too late dream matches, thanks”. There are also plenty of people tweeting various “IT’S HAPPENING!” GIFs and memes.

What’s really going on?

As someone who got sucked into something similar a few years back that ended up being the reveal of a collectible statue, I’m going to guess “not much”. My top two guesses would be either something for WWE 2K20. or maybe a new WWE Network “What if?” type series. If I was gonna put money on something, I’d go with the latter due to the “WWE Reimagined” hashtag.

What’s your guess? And does the thought of Taker vs. Sting – at any point in the timeline – still make you mark out?

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