WWE releases t-shirt for Roman Reigns & Undertaker, gives them a nickname

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It’s not a good nickname. It’s not a bad nickname. It’s the nickname WWE decided to give Roman Reigns and The Undertaker.

This team-up may be an one off, but that’s not stopping the fine folks over at WWE Shop from cashing in on that sweet merch. Per usual, the Reigns and Taker t-shirt features graphics on both the front and back.

The front of the tee seems Big Dog and Deadman enough.


And the back of the shirt.

There really needs to be some discussion about the back of the shirt and that nickname.


Graveyard Dogs.

Graveyard Dogs?

Graveyard Dogs!

There is a very thin line between the best and worst possible nickname you could assign to a team made up of The Undertaker and Roman Reigns.

Assuming Graveyard Dogs was not your first choice, what nickname would give the team of Reigns and Undertaker before this Sunday at Extreme Rules?

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