WWE really missed AJ Styles being a fantastic heel

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AJ Styles turned heel at the perfect time for WWE.

Last week on Raw, Styles broke bad and reunited with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to reform The Club. This week on Raw, Styles and rest of The Club continued to torment United States champion Ricochet.

Ricochet is the prefect first foil for Styles and his crew to chase.

Tonight (Jul. 8) the United States champion beat Gallows and Anderson in back-to-back matches, but was viciously attacked by all three men after his hand was raised.

That damn numbers game. A snarky Styles played up having the sheer psychical advantage over Ricochet up perfectly.

Backed by Gallows and Anderson, AJ Styles may already once again be the top heel in WWE.

Ricochet puts his title on the line versus Styles this Sunday at Extreme Rules, who wins?

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