WWE officially lists Dean Ambrose as ‘Alumni’, changes bio on website

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Bye Dean.

After weeks of a farewell tour, Dean Ambrose is pretty much officially gone from WWE. The Final Chapter of The Shield took place on Sunday night and prior to his match, Ambrose gave a real straight answer when he was asked what’s next for him.

The latest rumors pointed to the 33-year-old not wrestling anywhere for the foreseeable future and his hiatus from the sport will not just include WWE.

Placed on the same page as Dawn Marie, Dean Malenko, Doink the Clown, Dr. Death Steve Williams, and for some reason only one member of Demolition, Ambrose is now listed as Alumni on WWE.com.

This feels final.


WWE even added a new note to WWE.com’s official bio for the Lunatic Fringe.


Okay, now the book really feels closed on Dean Ambrose’s current relationship with WWE.


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