WWE NXT Breakout Tournament primer and predictions

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There are so many future stars in NXT who have yet to debut on television, so WWE has decided to introduce eight of these men in a “Breakout Tournament” that kicks off next Wednesday.

NXT has signed several of the best wrestlers from the independent scene, and other major promotions over the past several months, but WWE fans have yet to see the likes of Trevor Lee, DJZ, and Shane Strickland debut on the Black and Gold brand’s weekly episodes.

That changes next week, as NXT general manager William Regal announced the “NXT Breakout Tournament”.

This tournament will include eight men who have yet to debut on NXT TV, and the winner will earn a title opportunity of their choosing. So if any of you have wanted to see ACH vs. Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston, that’s a thing that could actually happen.

It’s unclear if the main roster titles will be up for grabs, since the “Worlds Collide Tournament” earlier this year only involved the Cruiserweight, NXT UK, and NXT Championships. But we can dream, right?

In any case, the most important thing for fans are the matchups.

This is a chance for diehard fans to get to watch some dream matches from previous promotions, and it’s also a chance for WWE fans to learn more about these debuting superstars. All of these wrestlers have undergone name changes from their previous identities on the independent scene, so there will be a little bit of discovery involved for seasoned fans, too.

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