WWE never announced Baron Corbin’s special guest referee pick

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Is this more false advertising or card is subject to change from WWE?

This week on Raw, WWE hyped the fact that Baron Corbin would choose a special guest referee for his match on Sunday versus Seth Rollins. WWE teased it, promoted it, and even told a pretty good story with it throughout Monday night’s broadcast.

Then Raw went off the air and Corbin still had not answered the question.

WWE advertising who Corbin would pick to be the guest referee at Stomping Grounds began over the weekend. The answer was even promised to take place tonight (Jun. 17) on Raw.

Starting out with Elias in the night’s opening segment, Rollins also bludgeoned EC3 and Eric Young, and threatened to beat down anyone who even thought about accepting Corbin’s offer.

As Raw faded to black, it was Corbin who stood tall with a chair in his hand and yet the question of who he would pick to be the referee for his Universal title shot remained unanswered.

By all accounts this week’s episode of Raw was one of the best WWE has put together in months. Still, it’s small details like promising storyline movement and not delivering, that when added up over time can drive fans to the brink.

Lazy writing, lack of attention to details, or just a plain old creative plot hole, are all too common on WWE television week in and week out.

Who will Baron Corbin pick as his special guest referee for Stomping Grounds? Does WWE even know at this point?

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