WWE Needs To Start Pushing Nikki Cross As A Future Champion

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WWE should realize that Nikki Cross is an unparalleled star that needs to start being built up as a future world champion.

Sometimes, you can just tell when a superstar is going to be someone special. They just have that “It” factor that you don’t see in your everyday competitor. In short, they have future WWE world champion material written all over them.

Nikki Cross has all of that and more.

During her time in NXT, it quickly became clear that Cross was someone to keep an eye on. She had a certain presence in the ring that you just can’t teach. Cross was capable of creating moments that seemingly made time stand still whenever she was given the proper opportunity

Just look at any number of her interactions with the NXT roster during the Aleister Black mystery for proof. Cross created some of the most indelible moments in 2018 NXT during that angle:

That segment with Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream in of itself is simple proof of Nikki Cross’ immense star power. She completely took over the segment and outshined two of the most talented and charismatic stars in WWE today.

Moments like that are what WWE should be setting up for Cross.

Instead though, it seems like WWE has been content with letting Cross tread water without any real story or angle. Basically, the company hasn’t been willing to give Cross the same opportunity to grab the spotlight on the main roster like she did in NXT.

Sure, she’s already had some noteworthy matches and brief angles, but those have only served to merely hint at the untapped potential in Cross instead of actually letting her shine.

Her partnership with Alicia Fox put her great character work on display, but ultimately didn’t seem to lead to a long lasting team-up.

Even her recent match with Ruby Riott on Raw, while being a showcase of how exceptional she is at translating her persona into her actual matches, still contained no signs of leading to an actual angle in spite of how enjoyable the encounter was.

It’s not too late, however, for WWE to capture those glimpses of greatness in Cross’ brief main roster run and turn them into real angles that could lead to even greater levels of success than she was seeing in NXT.

An extended rivalry with Ruby Riott and the rest of The Riott Squad building off of that recent match, for example, could easily be a great way to start building Cross up.

Riott will likely be in need of a notable rivalry after Elimination Chamber, as it unfortunately seems unlikely she will beat Ronda Rousey, leaving the door wide open for a feud with Cross.

The two could push one another to the brink, testing which competitor is more equipped to deal with all the mind games the other could bring to the table.

Similarly, although they aren’t going to be active participants in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Elimination Chamber, the door doesn’t have to be shut on a potential team of Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross.

The two could come back with a vengeance by making life hell for whoever walks out of Elimination Chamber with the titles.

That angle would look especially promising if The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection leaves with the belts, as Cross and Fox arguably already have the start of a feud built with them due to their qualifying match.

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Regardless of what route WWE decides to take with Cross, the company needs to find a way to give her a chance to truly shine on the main roster. She obviously could be a future world champion, thus WWE would be wise to begin treating her like one.



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