WWE looks back on Ronda Rousey’s rookie year

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The latest episode of WWE Playlist takes a look back at the first year in the professional wrestling career of Ronda Rousey, who debuted as a big surprise at Royal Rumble 2018. Fast forward a year and she spent Royal Rumble 2019 defending the Raw women’s championship.

It’s been quite a rookie year for the former UFC champion.

What’s so striking about this look back isn’t what she was doing but how she was doing it. She’s grown and improved by leaps and bounds over the past year, and she was already a natural at this. We’re a long ways from her awkwardly pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

She’s now involved in the hottest feud in all of WWE and is likely headed for the main event spot at WrestleMania 35. Anyone who watched her MMA career shouldn’t be at all surprised by her rapid rise, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

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