WWE is fining Ronda Rousey for her actions on Raw

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There are probably some jokes to be made about the fake money Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey will pay out for her scripted actions on the Mar. 11 episode of Raw, which included a better-than-usual promo and for-real dropping of Dana Brooke on her head. Please feel free to make them in the comments below.

For our part, we’ll just pass along this from WWE.com…

“Ronda Rousey has been fined by WWE as a result of her unprofessional actions last Monday night on Raw. Due to the confidentiality of Rousey’s contract, the amount of the fine will not be disclosed. Appropriate action has been taken.”

… and remark that the wheels of kayfabe justice turn slowly. Amazingly, just slowly enough to reheat this story before the weekend.

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