WWE Is Dropping The Ball On R-Truth’s U.S. Title Run

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After winning the WWE United States Championship on the January 29th episode of SmackDown Live, R-Truth has been missing from WWE TV. Its starting to feel like WWE is dropping the ball with their U.S. champ.

What is it with WWE and their missing champions lately?

After beating Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble, Asuka wasn’t featured prominently on SmackDown Live all the way until February 19th when she returned to lose to Mandy Rose. Similarly, Brock Lesnar, per his usual, hasn’t been seen on Raw to build his rivalry with Seth Rollins since the initial segment in their feud when he decimated his new challenger.

Now, R-Truth has gone missing as well after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship and subsequently successfully defending his newly won title against Rusev immediately after.

Truth’s increasingly long absence from SmackDown Live, and thus the absence of the U.S. title as well, is becoming painfully obvious as the weeks go by. Truth himself has seemingly noticed this too, recently poking fun at his lack of on-air time on Twitter:

Initially, Truth’s title win on January 29th was one of the most shocking developments in WWE. Regardless of how you feel about how he won the belt and who he defeated in the process, it was easy to see how Truth’s title reign could become one of the more intriguing angles on WWE TV.

Having been presented as primarily a comedy wrestler in recent years, this win could have been the chance for Truth to become a part of a real, serious storyline again.

When given those opportunities in the past, Truth has thrived. His angle with The Miz in 2011 as a heel was one of the hottest in the company at the time, even leading to a tag match against John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series that year.

It would have taken a fair amount of time and energy to build him back up to that level, but this newest title run could have been an opportunity for WWE to ignite that spark in Truth again.  Beyond a doubt, it could’ve been a chance for Truth to showcase his abilities beyond the constraints that comedy matches and segments present.

Even if he were to stay as a comedy wrestler though, this U.S. title win could have been an opportunity to give Truth a fun run with the belt that reminded people why he’s been able to stick around for all these years.

Truth’s remained a high level in-ring competitor able to frequently pull off exciting feats of athleticism. On top of that, he’s still more than capable of eliciting a few good laughs from audiences with his antics. If WWE chose to not tap into his more serious side, Truth could have still easily had a quality title run.

As the weeks roll on however, those potentials for Truth’s title reign are becoming increasingly difficult to see coming to fruition.

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WWE has been dropping the ball with R-Truth, there’s just no other way to look at it. WWE should give Truth a storyline on TV as soon as possible before they completely ruin all the opportunities they’ve had right in front of them for weeks upon weeks now.


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