WWE is conspiring against Becky Lynch

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Here’s your SmackDown Women’s champ promoting her title winning performance at Hell in a Cell this past Sunday (Sept. 16) on pay-per-view (PPV). That’s pretty standard.

Given how much we’re all fixated on whether WWE is presenting Becky Lynch as a hero or villain, and her friend-turned-bitter rival Charlotte Flair as a face or heel, what’s interesting is the Lasskicker’s acknowledgement of her fan support and the shift to the company itself being the villain of her story.

You see, Bex is upset WWE.com didn’t list her on the poll “they sent out asking everybody who their favorite match on Hell in a Cell was and Becky Lynch – surprise, surprise – was not an option.”

Now, I dug around on the site and wasn’t able to find the offending survey. But if Lynch says it was there, who am I to argue?

Especially for someone pulling for Stone Cold Badlass Becky Lynch. If the champ says the company is keeping her down, I guess she’ll just have to fight the whole WWE, right?

Give me a hell yeah.

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