WWE heel authority figures and monsters who turn too often

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Writing this column every day can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a single “big thing” you’d like to hit on a given day.

This is one of those days. Instead of one main focus, let’s do some quick hitters.

Go vote – Before we get down to the wrestling side of things, I just want to be the 34,523th person to remind all you Americans to get out and vote today. I won’t get into who or what you should vote for, just that you should exercise one of the most valuable rights you have as an American.

The crutch of the evil GM – I’ve grown so, so tired of the “heel authority figure” shtick in wrestling, but writing teams are never going to feel the same way.

It’s such an easy crutch to lean on and the easiest possible way to turn heels to faces. Simply have the heel come into conflict with the boss and you’re set.

Elias’ turn was basically: have confrontation with Baron Corbin, hit him with guitar, done.

And now it’s Braun Strowman’s turn to … well, turn.

Speaking of Strowman – The guy is becoming the new Big Show with all the turning. I suppose it’s best to think of him as fitting into the “shades of gray” we all clung to in the Attitude Era, but compared to Becky Lynch (who is doing it at a high level), Strowman is just a flip-flopper.

He’s a monster heel, then he’s winning tag belts with kids and refusing to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase in an unsportsmanlike way, then he’s aligning with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre and heeling it up, now he’s being cheated out of the Universal Championship by Corbin and being denied his chance to trounce the evil authority figure.

It’s great Strowman has the flexibility to do what is needed. But his character needs some long-term stability to gain back the momentum he had previously.


Also, here’s a tremendous GIF.

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