WWE continues Pride Month push with merch

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Last week, WWE rolled out a big web campaign featuring Superstars photographed as rainbow light was shined on them. Some came with inclusivity statements, and/or support for the LGBTQ+ community. Sonya Deville, the only openly gay member of their current talent roster, has been featured in a few interviews.

The support for Pride Month was a welcome gesture, but you don’t have to be the biggest cynic in the world to roll your eyes at the decision to launch the campaign after the company’s latest trip to Saudi Arabia, where being anything other than cishet is a crime. Involving Dana Warrior – who wore he deceased husband’s famous face paint in her photo – has resulted in Ultimate Warrior’s homophobia re-entering the conversation. Overall, it’s been the usual mixed bag of reactions we’ve come to expect with pretty much anything WWE does.

So… can we interest you in some shirts?

WWE Shop

One positive element of WWE Shop’s “Superstar Pride Collection” is that 20% of the pre-tax purchase price will go to GLAAD’s work. Another is that having LGBTQ+ people and allies who are fans showing up at events in these shirts might help make wrestling shows safer, more accepting places.

WWE Shop

If it also strikes you as a marketing effort and money grab, well… like many other companies flying the rainbow this month, it is that, too.

WWE Shop

Decide for yourself, and order here. Or don’t.

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