WWE and GOL finalize their broadcasting agreement in Spain

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WWE and GOL have reached the end of their agreement to broadcast the summaries of the weekly programs Monday Night Raw and SmackDown in Spain. On March 8, 2018, an agreement was announced for the broadcast of the Bottom Line, Afterburn, and Experience programs on GOL, the free sports channel available in all Spanish homes.

Bottom Line, the Monday Night Raw summary program, presented in the United States by Scott Stanford, began airing on Saturday, March 10, Afterburn, the SmackDown Live summary program presented by Charly Caruso and Scott Stanford, on Sunday, November 11. March and Experience on Monday, March 12.

All three shows had repeats during the week and were broadcast until August. Since then, GOL has not returned to broadcast any WWE program and, although it was something that seemed obvious, now we can confirm that the agreement between both parties has ended definitively .

During the process, Bottom Line and Afterburn had a very irregular audience, and the average fell with the arrival of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. It should also be remembered that some episodes were not broadcast due to the schedule. The best audience data taped during the first weeks with more than 100,000 viewers, surpassing even the audience of the weekly Raw and SmackDown shows in WWE Neox but the tendency was always to be below the Atresmedia channel.

Note that the contract of WWE with Neox ends the early next year 2019, so it is likely that the renewal between WWE and the Atresmedia group is less complicated than expected, due to the decline of GOL in the bid for rights. However, this is speculation and does not come from an official source.

The end of this agreement has come for different reasons, although no specific information has been given to the media. Next Monday, in the eleventh WWE program (WWE Only) we will reveal more details about everything that happened, with the collaboration of Sebastián Martínez, one of the two WWE commentators in GOL.

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