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Woodley vs. Lawler Rematch Set


Minnesota BUCKLE UP!!

The long awaited rematch is slated for UFC on ESPN 4 in Minnesota. This rematch that has been talked about since Woodley took the belt from Lawler back in 2016. Matching these two up after coming off a loss will tell a lot about their place in the Welterweight division.

Robbie Lawler is rightfully known and regarded as a legend. He has been fighting MMA since 2001. Through wins, losses, promotion and weight class switches Lawler has been through the ringer. Eventually after a stint with multiple organizations Lawler returned to the UFC and the welterweight division. Robbie resurrected his career and achieving the highest level of the sport by beating Johnny Hendricks for the belt in January 2016.

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At the same time Tyron Woodley had been racking up finishes by way of vicious KO and superb submissions. The two eventually met at UFC 201 with Lawler winning the one round fight with a vicious overhand right. A new champ was crowned and the woodley era began.

However that era has, perhaps temporarily, come to an end when Lawler was defeated by new division kingpin Kamaru Usman. While this serves as a setback for the former champ, it does breathe a lot of new life in one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC.

Lawler is coming of a controversial loss to Ben Askren, and whether or not you felt the stoppage was justified we were treated to a classic battle between two of the best. Immediately it seemed as though they would do a rematch between Lawler and The Funky One, but it seems the UFC has evolved their plans.

By putting on Lawler-Woodley 2 it not only gives a rematch that many fans though Lawler had deserved, but it also frees up Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren. A potential opponent for Askren has only been speculated on at this point. Fighters like Jorge Masvidal have seemed to place their name at the top of the list for a scrap with Askren.

As usual the UFC is putting up exciting bouts that the fans will enjoy. If a couple more big names get added, like Ben Askren, UFC 4 on ESPN will be hard to miss!

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