Will The Viking Raiders get their shot at tag team gold?

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After a month-long hiatus from WWE, The Viking Raiders returned to action — after a quick stare down at the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

After being gone from WWE for what felt like an eternity, The Viking Raiders returned to action this week to take down Randy and Russ Taylor, two local wrestlers who were ready for what amounted to a quick squash match. But more importantly, we got a fun stare down between the current SmackDown Tag Team holders — Daniel Bryan and Rowan — who were this weeks wildcard talent.

During their NXT run, the War Raiders were a solid, fear educing tag team. The two work extremely well together and made an impact in NXT. Unfortunately, as we’ve all come to notice, once they were pulled onto the main roster, and had their name changed to what sounded like a theme park attraction, they lost a lot of steam.

It didn’t help that their name was changed yet again the following week, and then they were dropped from TV for what felt like a month. In fact, I had forgotten they existed on the main roster as viable threats to any of the tag team title holders. But, this weeks episode of RAW was kind enough to remind me (and everyone else) that yes, they still exist.

The tag team divisions has been talked about a lot lately. From the women’s tag team titles being mostly meaningless, to SmackDown having the better of the two tag team rosters, it’s nice to see new (well, newer) blood come back to liven things up.

I also have to give proper credit to Bryan and Roawn being excellent SmackDown Live tag team title holders, as they really are a viable threat to the entire WWE universe. They really don’t have much in the way of competition (aside from The Usos and The New Day), since WWE seems to forget they have around 10 tag teams on hand between the two shows.

But with The Viking Raiders making a return, maybe that’ll change. Maybe they’ll win a few more squash matches, and maybe then they’ll actually go up against any of the WWE tag team roster.

If you recall, they were the NXT Tag Team Champions just mere months ago, and if given the right push, they could tear up both rosters in an impressive and dominating run. I would love to see them go against Bryan and Rowan in a string of matches, which could potentially build up to one hell of a SummerSlam match, but that’s just wishful thinking.

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So what do you think? Would you like to see The Viking Raiders go for gold this time? Let us know in the comments below!

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