Why would a successful wrestler consider retiring in his prime?

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Brent Brookhouse and “All Ego” Ethan Page sat down a second time this week to record a special edition of the Bitter Boys Club podcast.

Page, who is a fixture on Impact Wrestling, took part in All In and has an incredibly busy schedule wrestling around the world is treating 2019 like it will be his last year as a professional wrestler despite being just 29.

We discussed the logic behind the new attitude. You can listen above or on iTunes, Stitcher or most podcast platforms.

Here are some highlights:

With a career that seems to be clicking, why could this be your last year?

So, with everything going on like having a kid, being married, owning a house … I either just want to make it or just give up.

I figured if I told myself it’s my last year in wrestling, I would take myself serious dieting, I would try really hard in my matches, I would bring back the VLOG, try and bring back more social media stuff, more content online, podcast better, make Alpha-1 as big as I can. I’m just going 110% and if I don’t do anything bigger by the end of the year … I don’t want my wife to work anymore. But I’m doing well. I’m not saying I’m not.

What changes are happening to try and “make it?”

One guy tweeted out yesterday, one of the missing pieces for Ethan Page to be rich is my body. That was a big thing. Starting at the beginning of the year I joined a competition at a bodybuilding gym to see who could change their body the most in three months. Right now, I’m in the lead. I’m just dedicating myself to putting 110% into literally everything I do. Not just wrestling but in my home, in the gym, with my food, in the ring, traveling, trying to book things out properly, being a father … literally everything. I’m just going for it.

On “sucking it in” and ultimate goals.

I’ve mastered the art of sucking it in 24/7. (Sucking it in while wrestling) blows you up. Imagine trying to memorize a 20 minute match but every 10 seconds trying to remember where the cameras are so you can suck it in.

My goal is to look like the best wrestler in the world. In total: talking, wrestling, how I look, my gear, my presence, my entrance, all of it.

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