Why John Cena should win his 17th World Title

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John Cena has been virtually non-existent on WWE programming but still has some business to take care of: winning his 17th World Championship.

John Cena has had a major love-hate relationship with the WWE Universe in his 17-year career on the main roster. Although chants of “let’s go Cena!” and “Cena sucks!” will definitely echo through the arena once he returns, it is safe to say that most wrestling fans miss Cena now that he is gone.

He is not gone forever, obviously, as he is following in the footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and partaking a career in Hollywood. For the most part, Cena has been very, very successful.

Cena was just confirmed for the Fast and Furious 9, will be in the new Suicide Squad movie and had two fairly successful movies in 2018 in Bumblebee and Blockers. He definitely has a long way to go before reaching The Rock’s fame, but he is starting on a similar path as the man he once feuded with.

Although his career has taken off, Cena still has one more thing to accomplish in the WWE. One more thing he can give to the company before retiring, something that he himself has already hinted at.

He needs to win his 17th World Title to break his tie with Ric Flair. A lot of hardcore fans from the ’80s and ’90s might not like it, but Cena deserves it. He put the company on the back and it is obvious that without him, the ratings and interest have dwindled.

It should happen in the near future as well. While it is hard to fantasy-book this because we don’t know his filming schedule, Cena definitely deserves one more full-time run for several months to win his 17th championship.

There are two avenues of reasoning to take when discussing Cena winning his 17th world title and of course, there are always going to be people against Cena succeeding.

The first avenue of thought is simply that he deserves it. Cena put the company on his back for 15 years, maintained a clean image and was the one constant in a hectic world of wrestling. He never came out and bashed the company and he constantly was the biggest draw in the company.

Love him or hate him, you pay to see him. That is why every time he returns now it is treated like a big moment, because, well it is. Cena is this generation’s Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, etc.

Sometimes the booking around him was poor and sometimes he was protected too heavily. I get it, but the fact of the matter is that he did for 15 years what Roman Reigns is still struggling to do: serve as the face of the company.

Furthermore, Cena’s win can be used to elevate a new star into catastrophic height. Let’s say Cena takes the belt off of someone with a ton of momentum, say, Brock Lesnar. With that win and a couple of defenses strung together Cena will suddenly have that invincible aura around him.

Having a lesser star, such as Andrade, Ricochet, or even Finn Balor pin Cena clean at WrestleMania to take his 17th title away would do monumental things for their careers. If WWE plays their cards right, they can build yet another massive superstar, as long as it does not feel forced like Reigns.

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We have seen it 16 times before and you might not want to see it a 17th time. However, WWE deserves to give John Cena one more meaningful run with the WWE Championship.

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