Why can’t this be love?

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Miz is a desperate, desperate man. On the face of it, he shouldn’t be, but he is.

He’s done just about everything you can do in WWE— Tag titles? Check. Midcard titles? Check. World title? Check. Main evented WrestleMania? Check. Feuded with legends? Check. Inherited finishing maneuvers from legends during ill-advised face turns? Overly specific question you’ve got there, pal, but yep, the A-Lister did that, too.

His personal life, too, seems to be going gangbusters. Beautiful wife, a healthy daughter, another child on the way, a successful t reality TV show, on the face of it he should want for nothing. And even his father’s love, so far from him for so long, has arrived with his initial tag title victory alongside Shane McMahon.

It should have been enough, but soon enough his need for validation found a new target.

The martyring of Saint Miz

Following their loss to the Usos at the Elimination Chamber, Miz practically fell over himself to try and make it up to Shane. Their friendship firmly established, his desperation came roaring back. Just about every one of Miz’s past alliances has ended in tragedy, most of them when his lackey of the year grew tired of being mistreated (Miztreated?) by the A-Lister.

This one seems different. Miz seems to genuinely like and respect McMahon and care about his feelings. And it’s no shock, given their bond formed so quickly and over their shared issues with their fathers. Any other year, with any other partner, the A-Lister’s desire to get the titles back would come off as blind greed, but here and now with Shane McMahon on the apron, it almost feels like love.

The best tag team in the world?

Ah, but this love and dedication means nothing unless Miz and Shane actually succeed in reclaiming the tag titles.

Against the Usos, well, I, uh… I wouldn’t bet on it. With six tag title reigns to their name, including recent victories over everyone from regular teams like the Bar and the New Day to superteams like AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan and, yes, Shane McMahon & the Miz, the Uso Penitentiary isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a very real phenomenon.

You might be able to escape and win a few, but eventually the brothers who have been down since Day 1 will catch up to you and lock you right back up, folks.

Will the Uso Penitentiary remain on lockdown or are the Best Tag Team in the World going to earn that name by winning the tag titles right back?

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