Who’s on ‘Mania 35 promo image, other items from travel package details

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Individual tickets to the event itself don’t go on sale for a couple weeks yet, but if you’ve got some free time on your hands for the days on either side of Sun., April 7, 2019’s WrestleMania 35 and at least $1,175 to spend, you can secure yourself the sport entertainment experience of a live time starting today. Just get your credit card out and head to www.wrestlemaniatravel.com.

Even if you don’t plan to spend time and fat stacks in the greater New York/New Jersey area with WWE next Spring, there is valuable information to be gleaned from the details of the travel packages for the Showcase of the Immortals which went on sale today (Oct. 29).

Very little of that information will come from this promotional image, but that won’t stop fans from being upset it doesn’t feature Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch, and that it gives the impression the company keeps Naomi & Shinsuke Nakamura around for so they can trot out diverse looking line-ups even though they don’t use them on television with much regularity…


Slightly more interesting is that it doesn’t look like Triple H will be using the TakeOver: Brooklyn name for this year’s pre-’Mania NXT show, at least according to PWInsider. Despite the fact it will take place in the same Barclays Center venue which has hosted the pre-SummerSlam TakeOver: Brooklyn 1 – 4 shows, that site says WWE is promoting the April 6 one as TakeOver: New York.

And really interesting for folks who are planning a wrestling dream vacation, the dates for WrestleMania Axxess (which still doesn’t have an announced home) have shifted. Instead of running Thursday – Sunday, the 2019 fan fest will be held Friday – Monday. Meaning you’re free to hit whatever indie show you might want to start the weekend, and that WWE will have something to keep you busy until the Raw-after-’Mania starts in Brooklyn on Monday night.

Anything we missed? Who’s going?

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