Who Was The Best Champion For Each Title In 2018?

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WWE Raw 205 Live

For as inconsistent as things were in 2018 in the WWE, there were some impressive championship reigns throughout the course of the year that helped shape the year.

Many question championships and their importance in the WWE these days, but despite the inconsistencies involved with them at times, there’s always that one title reign that makes up for recent shortcomings.

That came true in the WWE in 2018, but who was the best champion for each championship in 2018?  With that being said, let’s take a look at the best champions for each main roster championship in the WWE in 2018.

Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander

The often-times underappreciated Cruiserweight Championship went through a strange 2017 filled with key departures and creative blunders.  However, the year 2018 has been much kinder to 205 Live’s top prize and it has developed into a workhorse title.

The Cruiserweight Championship was in the hands of Enzo Amore to begin the year, but after his release from the WWE in late-January, the title would undergo a major change, culminating with a tournament finale at WrestleMania 34 that saw Cedric Alexander capture the vacated title in a great battle with Mustafa Ali.

Alexander would go on to have a great title run that featured several standout matches against the likes of Kalisto, Drew Gulak, and Buddy Murphy.  The match between Alexander and Murphy at Super Show-Down ended Alexander’s title reign when Murphy captured the gold after a six-month-long reign by Alexander.

Despite not being the Cruiserweight Champion at the moment, Alexander was the best Cruiserweight Champion throughout 2018.  Murphy has been a stellar champion in his own right, but it just felt like Alexander elevated the title to a level it desperately needed to reach after a not-so-great run with Amore as champion.

It took too long, but the Cruiserweight Championship finally started feeling important and much of that can be attributed to Alexander’s reign throughout much of 2018.

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