Who needs Mel Gibson or Jeff Bridges when you can get Shawn Michaels?

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Over at SI, Justin Barrasso has a nice piece up on Shawn Michaels playing a villain in an independent film coming out soon. It’s the role that led to his cutting his hair off, and it’s a solid feature that I encourage you to check out in full.

I just can’t stop cracking up at one portion of it:

“We believed that whomever played the role of Jimmy Devine would make or break the film,” said Bentman. “So we swung for the fences and went after Mel Gibson and Jeff Bridges.”

Even when the actors were interested in the script, the dollars from the film’s investors did not line up with the price tags attached to the likes of Gibson and Bridges. And the search for Jimmy Devine continued.

“One night, I had this crazy dream, dreaming it was 1996 and I was backstage and met Shawn Michaels,” said Bentman. “The next morning, my wife was making coffee, and I told her about it. We looked into Shawn’s history, which included a shattered past and days as a wild child, but he’s now reformed—which was very much like Jimmy Devine.”

Bentman and his team from the film took a shot and reached out to Michaels’ agent, who set up a meeting at the WWE Performance Center.

“Once we met Shawn, we didn’t want anybody else,” said Bentman. “Almost immediately, Shawn became our Jimmy Devine.”

Who needs the heavy hitters of Hollywood when you have the Heartbreak Kid?

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