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White Belt Fights Back During Sao Paulo School Mass Shooting


Teen BJJ Student Fights Back Against Attackers

Rhyllary Barbosa, a white belt BJJ student is being hailed as one of the heroes of the horrific mass shooting that occured at the Raul Brasil School near Sao Paulo.  Police are saying that two former students had planned the attack for months and were armed with a variety of firearms, hatchets and molotov cocktails.

Eight people, including 5 students were killed at a Sao Paulo school in an attack that authorities are claiming was inspired by the Columbine High School mass shooting in Colorado.  Though Brazil is the world’s leader in homicides, school shootings like this are much more rare.

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The brave white belt decided to rush the attackers and ultimately engaged with one of them who struck at her in her attempts to open a door for others to escape.  By facing the attackers head on, authorities believe they were surprised and had their ultimate plan disrupted.

Students rushed the door and ran past the attacker.  Rhyllary’s bravery most likely saved many lives.  You can check out some video footage of the scene below.

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