Whether Evolve likes it or not, the Unwanted are here to stay

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The history-making Evolve Tag Team Championship reign of the Street Profits is over.

At Evolve 123 tonight (for full results, check here) they were scheduled to face two members of the Unwanted in what was billed simply as a “tag team war.” After Curt Stallion defeated the Unwanted’s Colby Corino in the opening match, Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy, and Shane Strickland joined their stablemate to call Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford out.

Kingston demanded a title shot as a condition to them wrestling the NXT superstars, and the Profits promptly came out to answer in the affirmative. But of course, Eddie didn’t want to fight then and there, telling them they’d have to wait until the Unwanted were ready.

And so, after Shane Strickland beat Harlem Bravado later in the show, the Unwanted came back down and said they were ready. The Street Profits wasted no time rushing their opponents and the match continued in the vein of the opening attack, an intense hard-hitting brawl until Montez hit a WILD over the ringpost tope con giro. That was all the opportunity Strickland needed to run in while the referee was distracted, nail Dawkins with a cheap shot, and set the stage for legal men Kingston and Gacy to clobber Angelo with strikes until he stayed down for three by getting Ford to chase him to the back.

This ends a tag title reign of just about six months for the Profits, and in the end putting the tag titles on NXT talent has to be considered a success, driving interest to the purple atom indie and having a streak of very good tag title matches. And that tonight, with a bit of help from Velveteen Dream and unlikely breakout indie star Orange Cassidy, they packed the building in Melrose, Massachusetts with a hot crowd in a way that Evolve had never been able to manage before even in conjunction with Beyond Wrestling is just the icing on the cake.

And this pumps the gas for the Unwanted in a big way– Eddie Kingston’s had a losing record as a single since coming to Evolve, so winning the tag titles gives his story a real kick in the pants in addition to just the obvious making the Unwanted a real threat for the other two titles.

There you have it, folks

Excited to see where the Unwanted take the Evolve Tag Team Championship or are you just bummed that the Street Profits lost the titles, Cagesiders?

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