What’s the point of Stephanie McMahon condemning Brock Lesnar?

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WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon, is not happy with The Beast Incarnate’s actions on Raw. Why is she upset, and what will the ramifications be for Brock Lesnar?

In a video that was posted to WWE.com on Thursday, Stephanie McMahon ‘condemned’ the actions of the current Mr. Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar, and his advocate Paul Heyman.

My first reaction when seeing the title of the video, prior to viewing, was that I must have missed something on Monday, or Brock REALLY ticked someone off.

After watching the video, my reaction was very Stone Cold-esque…WHAT?

There isn’t much clarity provided in what was said in the 1:09 clip.

“The WWE renounces and, in fact, condemns the behavior of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman on Monday Night Raw this past week.” -Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie and the rest of the WWE higher-ups are apparently upset over three things,

  1. That Brock Lesnar spiced up the Money in the Bank briefcase by dressing it up as a boombox
  2. Lesnar and Heyman didn’t keep their promise on naming the champion Lesnar would cash-in his MitB contract on
  3. They apparently disrespected what the MitB contract and briefcase represents, both champions, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, and the entire WWE and WWE Universe

Stephanie claims she will take these matters up with the rest of the McMahon family and the WWE Executives so that they can ‘take action’ against Lesnar and Heyman.

This video leaves a lot up-in-the-air concerning Lesnar’s status as Mr. Money in the Bank.

Will he be stripped of the briefcase? Will he be suspended? Will he be forced to face the wrath of The Authority’s sledgehammer-wielding CEO, Triple H?

Also, the question of why this video was even made has to be asked, too.

First, I’m not sure why Stephanie is upset that Brock didn’t name an opponent. One of the advantages of holding the briefcase is that you can cash-in at any time, any place. Naming your opponent would lose that advantage.

Second, everyone loves Dancing Brock!

As for the meat of the video, it would appear that WWE brass has heard the unhappy rumbles from fans over Lesnar winning the MitB Ladder Match, and this may be a way for them to wriggle out of that decision.

I can’t see Lesnar getting involved with Triple H on Raw, since the Cerebral Assassin is scheduled to face Randy Orton at Super ShowDown on June 7. If they were to get into a program, it would have to come in the weeks following the Saudi show.

I would love to see Lesnar get stripped of the case. Not because I hate that he is the current holder, but because of the carnage his character could leave as a result.

I’m thinking something along the lines of when Kane interrupted multiple matches during an episode of Raw because he no longer had Paul Bearer to direct him and the Undertaker admitted to setting the fire during their childhood.

That type of rouge action, by taking Raw hostage, would certainly be in Brock’s wheelhouse and would be a throwback to when Raw used to be unpredictable and ratings used to be sky-high.

The payoff could come by Heyman making a deal for Lesnar to compete in a match at Super ShowDown to win the briefcase back, perhaps with Drew McIntyre.

That would be an interesting way to get the case away from Lesnar, if only for a time, but I don’t think that’s the way WWE will approach this.

My best guess is for Lesnar to be ‘suspended’ for a period of time, and then be forced to defend the briefcase against Sami Zayn at the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view after it is revealed that Lesnar was the individual that attacked Zayn at Money in the Bank.

Lesnar would eventually retain, because I just can’t see a scenario where they take the briefcase away from him permanently. The story has been built too much for them to scrap it at this point.

When all is said and done, Stephanie’s video will not signal much of anything other than giving Brock something to do between now and when he, most likely, cashes-in at SummerSlam.

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After hearing Stephanie’s words, what do you think will happen with Brock Lesnar’s MitB contract? Let us know in the comments!

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