What is WWE’s plan for the Street Profits following their RAW debut?

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On the July 1 episode of RAW, NXT Tag Team Champions the Street Profits made their main roster debut, but does WWE have a concrete plan for the duo?

The inaugural episode of WWE RAW under Paul Heyman’s direction gave fans plenty of newsworthy moments, from Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley’s crashing through an LED wall in their Falls Count Anywhere match to that odd pregnancy angle involving Maria and Mike Kanellis to AJ Styles’ show-closing heel turn.

Among those fascinating tidbits, viewers were also introduced to NXT Tag Team Champions Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, collectively known as the Street Profits.

Rather than debuting the Street Profits with a slick video package or a quick enhancement match, the creative team instead featured them throughout the three-hour broadcast with two backstage segments designed to highlight their bombastic personalities — particularly Ford’s.

While the apparent decision to call-up the Profits has drawn excitement from most fans and writers, there are still plenty of questions regarding the decision, namely whether WWE has a long-term plan for the charismatic tandem.

As of now, WWE doesn’t appear to have one. As entertaining as those two skits — three, if you count this video — were, the Profits didn’t come across as particularly special, despite holding the NXT Tag Team Championships. If you had never watched a second of NXT, you’d assume they were yet another goofy team being brought in to fill out the division.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having comedy characters, but there’s a reason why Daniel Bryan’s heel lectures toward the tag team division often ring true.

Historically, tag teams have endured the brunt of company CEO Vince McMahon’s brand of “comedy” while often serving as guinea pigs for whatever holiday-themed street fight McMahon can cook up. Even at the division’s zenith in 2000, McMahon and his writers often sacrificed tag team champions to random top guys without so much as a second thought.

We’ve seen this movie before and we know where it goes: the Profit’s get a couple of squash wins on TV, disappear for a few weeks, lose a random tag team title match, and fade into the background. If that’s the best WWE has for Dawkins and Ford, then the duo should stay in NXT so they can continue their development as a team.

Hopefully, this is merely a one-off cameo for the Profits — and if you believe WWE.com, it probably is — that merely sets the stage for a proper debut down the line while also bringing an “anything can happen” vibe that RAW has seldom offered since the end of the Monday Night Wars.

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There’s a lot to like about this team; Dawkins is a solid, albeit unspectacular worker who perfectly compliments the magnetism and athleticism that Ford brings (though Ford is still a bit green). WWE has something special with the Profits, provided they get booked properly.

If Monday’s RAW was a teaser for what’s to come later, then mission accomplished. But WWE needs have a long-term plan for these two once they become full-time members of the main roster. They’re far too talented and have too much potential to receive the usual tag-team story arc.

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