What Do These Strange Toy Vignettes Mean For Bray Wyatt?

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One of the most notable absences this week was Bray Wyatt, but how does that tie into other omissions and the puppets?

For the last two weeks, WWE has been airing cryptic vignettes in between segments. The most prominent short features a buzzard puppet in a box wearing what looks like one of the Hawaiian shirts Bray Wyatt used to wear. It ends with what sounds like his trademark laugh and familiar jump cut. The other depicts a room full of dolls and concludes with a shot of a cloaked female ventriloquist dummy, which could be a reference to Sister Abigail.

So, it’s a safe bet that they’re both precursors for Wyatt’s return. He is no stranger to enigmatic and bizarre angles, but what could this all mean? What next for the Eater of Worlds?

The former WWE Champion disappeared from television back in August. The last time he wrestled in a recognized match for the company was at Starrcade in November. Wyatt was reportedly waiting for medical clearance since then. However, most fans expected to see him sometime during WrestleMania weekend. He even teased that he would be in New York.

At any rate, WWE seems to have plans for him. Yes, it’s tough to get excited about that when you consider the other decisions they’ve made with his character. That is to say, they are giving us a puppet in a cardboard box right now. It’s a far cry from the vignettes they aired in 2012 to tease Chris Jericho’s return.

Still, let’s circle back to what we know so far. Last time we saw Wyatt he was a babyface alongside Woken Matt Hardy after he was dunked in the Lake in Reincarnation. It could be that he is going back to basic so to speak, which would mean less mystical stuff and more thriller/horror movie tropes.

The Hawaiian shirt could be more than just a visual allusion; it could be a sign that he’s going back to his roots. What’s with the puppets and ventriloquist dummies then? Well, Wyatt’s gimmick was always that he was a Max Cady-inspired cult leader, going back to his time with NXT. The vignettes could just be a metaphor that signifies Wyatt’s return as someone who uses minions to do bidding again.

In truth, Bray was at his best as the more practical head of the Wyatt Family. If this means he will come back with a stable, that could be interesting. Granted, Luke Harper just requested a release and Rowan is working with Daniel Bryan, leaving room for a new trio.

What if it was no coincidence that Eric Young, the former leader of Sanity, was the only member of the stable WWE moved this week? We don’t know what they have planned for Killian Dain and Nikki Cross yet. Could they be members of the new Wyatt family?

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That would be a great way to reset Bray Wyatt and reintroduce two members of Sanity alongside someone who already has a strong fanbase. This is just speculation, but it would be a great scenario for all three characters. It’s also not hard to believe WWE thought a new Wyatt family and Sanity were too similar to co-exist.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but Wyatt is a character with many possibilities. WWE just needs to properly invest in his character and give him some big wins again.

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