WBA Opens Office in Switzerland, To Work Closely With IOC

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By Kid Hersch

The president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, issued a second letter that delves into the plan presented last June called “The Return of Boxing”, which seeks to rescue the discipline of pugilism and return it to the highest sport in the world.

In recent times boxing is threatened in the international scope due to problems of leadership. The idea of the WBA is that boxing is united and the entity reiterates that it is a professional and amateur organization.

Seven fundamental points already known make up the document sent in June and these were signed by President Mendoza and the former fighter and world figure Wladimir Klitschko. The fundamental idea is to give much more value to the athletes and the WBA wants to strengthen the programs in which it has been working for a long time and that have to do with the education, health, and retirement of the athletes. In addition to those; the training and safety of the judges, referees, and all the personnel that make the development of boxing possible.


Mendoza was pleased by the support of several national federations and different entities after having known the plan. The values of universality, diversity, respect, and commitment have been highlighted.

The WBA will put all its research efforts and intellectual property and centralize them in the WBA Academy, which will be an important point in the development of the plan. Another key aspect will be technology and the WBA wants to take advantage of all its digital platforms so that the fan is aware of the work that is being done in favor of boxing, as well as creating new tools and applications that serve that purpose.

It was also announced that the WBA has created a new office in Lausanne, Switzerland, with which the WBA is located at the epicenter of all governing bodies of sport in the world. The WBA will work with the International Olympic Committee, with which it will share knowledge and collaborate to solve the current problems of the sport.

Boxing is going through a complicated moment but it needs union and a collective agreement to get out of the problem. The WBA is committed to lead and do what is necessary for the sport of pugilism to reach the top again.

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