Watch Trish & Lita watching a match between Trish & Lita

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All the way back in Dec. 2004, Trish Stratus and Lita were headlining an episode of Monday Night Raw in a women’s championship match. A lot’s changed since then! Women’s segments/matches are far more likely to main event now — not that it happened on Raw or SmackDown this week, of all weeks — so it only made sense to put these best friends together to watch and talk about their old battle.

That includes going over the sport where Lita looked like she damn near broke her neck, which they both basically no sell while discussing it. They didn’t even realize until after just how bad the landing was on Lita’s dive, they just heard the crowd react in a different way and Lita wondered how the hell she overextended that way without her feet getting caught.

They also strategize a bit for Evolution.


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