WarGames II match card predictions

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Wargames Match

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With NXT TakeOver: WarGames II just a few weeks away, where will some of the developmental brand’s top talents end up on the card?

Note: The author wrote this without the benefit of spoilers since that would be no fun.

Looking back at my first match card predictions piece for NXT TakeOver: WarGames II, I was amazed at how wrong I was across the board. When I wrote that article two months ago, I didn’t count on Bobby Fish returning from injury, Adam Cole (BAY! BAY!) not getting called up, Shayna Baszler getting a new faction, the Velveteen Dream turning quasi-babyface and Johnny Gargano being revealed as Aleister Black’s attacker.

Of course, these recent development have set the stage for what should be another outstanding TakeOver event. We have a WarGames match that seems to be all but set, an interesting continuation of the Baszler/Kairi Sane rivalry, a fascinating NXT Title situation and the makings of what should be a very fun blood feud.

We won’t begin to get a true idea of what Triple H and the gang want to book for the show until tonight’s episode of NXT. But that’s in a few hours. For now, I thought it would be cool to once again predict the matches we might see on Nov. 17, the Saturday before WWE “treats” us to another RAW vs. SmackDown themed Survivor Series pay-per-view. So, let’s look at which bouts could make the second annual TakeOver: WarGames special.

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