WarGames & a Friday SmackDown highlight Survivor Series 2019 weekend

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According to PWInsider, at last night’s Raw at Chicagoland’s Allstate Arena, WWE aired a video hyping their plans for Survivor Series weekend in the same venue.

It will be the first “Big 4” pay-per-view (PPV) after SmackDown LIVE moves to Friday nights on Fox, so that’s the big change to the schedule – instead of two fallout shows after the event, Survivor Series 2019 will have the blue brand’s ‘go home’ episode, leaving Raw to handle the aftermath.

The other bit of news from the video is about something which will stay the same as it’s been the last two Survivor Series weekends… NXT’s TakeOver will be called WarGames. So it seems logical to assume the Saturday night show will feature a WarGames match.

Announcement a WarGames-themed show in advance takes a little bit away from organically building a story to the point it makes sense to lock a bunch of guys in a cage covering two rings, but let’s face it. That’s not really the most logical solution to a problem, anyway – so just go with it.

While you wonder what factions NXT will start aligning for November (aka, who will Undisputed ERA face this year), here’s the schedule promoted in the video from Allstate Arena last night:

Fri., Nov. 22 – SmackDown Live
Sat., Nov. 23 – NXT TakeOver: Wargames 3
Sun., Nov. 24 – Survivor Series
Mon., Nov. 25 – Monday Night Raw

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