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Bring your Muay Thai game to the next level – where it all began. . .


You must have dreamed of it before, haven’t you? Bare feet on worn canvas; smashing the heavy bag with your strikes; humid breeze tickling the palm trees all around you. Your day filled with sweat, managed by grit, accomplished by discipline. Your nights alive with sounds and actions – tuk tuks speeding by, laughter and entertainment all around, your nightlife wide awake and seething with energy.

You know it by now because you, a nak muay, have imagined training there, learning there, and growing there ever since you first stumbled upon the Art of Eight Limbs. It is the “Mecca of Muay Thai,” the ancient home where our sport first emerged as a fighting tradition: THAILAND.

On the beyond-beautiful island of Koh Phangan, you can find yourself immersed in Muay Thai with me, Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan and my partner in crime, Paul “Reaper” Banasiak, as well as more Thai champions and fighting veterans than you can shake a stick at. If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up in a paradise to train Muay Thai, then you need to watch the video below to learn more about what Nak Muay Nation has in store for 2019:

Thailand Muay Thai Camp: A Day In The Life at Diamond Muay Thai

So What Are You Waiting For???

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