Vince McMahon Was In Charge At WWE Evolution 2018

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WWE Evolution 2018 was the best main roster Pay Per View of the year, and because of the presentation of the show, fans were wondering if Triple H was the main person in charge from the gorilla position. Per Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, that wasn’t the case.

The first all women’s Pay Per View in the promotion’s history, WWE Evolution 2018 was a massive success, as it was roundly praised by all corners of the fanbase. Everyone in the audience was amped up for all of the matches, the matches themselves delivered, and the “Last Woman Standing” bout between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will go down as one of the best in WWE history.

Because of how fluid the show progressed from match to match, some fans remarked that the show seemed to mirror the arc of an NXT TakeOver. This compliment, naturally, caused speculation that Triple H may have been in charge of the show, given his role in progressing women’s wrestling in NXT (in addition to the Mae Young Classic 2 finals and an NXT Women’s Title match being on the show).

However, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin reports that despite Evolution’s different vibe, Vince McMahon was indeed in charge of the show from the gorilla position. Satin adds that McMahon was sending notes to officials and producers like Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Road Dogg.

Stephanie and Triple H undoubtedly had a big imprint on this show, but, ultimately, Vince is in charge of main roster Pay Per Views from the gorilla position. Evolution was no exception. Vince’s presence in WWE is as pervasive as it is complex, because he’s always in charge but to varying degrees (since he doesn’t have infinite time to rule over every aspect of the product).

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For years, Vince McMahon didn’t value women’s wrestling appropriately, but the fans and talent on the roster have caused him to change his approach. Evolution’s success firmly shows that fans want more women’s matches, longer women’s matches, and better storylines. There’s no doubt that Evolution fulfilled what they are looking for, and hopefully Vince took notice as the man in charge backstage and is prepared to build off of this historic Pay Per View.


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