VIDEO | Wrist Locks from Everywhere | How to lose friends fast

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This video has most everything you need to know about one of the dirtiest tactics in the submission grappling game – wrist locks. And while they have a very negative reputation as a submission, they are potentially legitimate standalone submissions, as well as threats to use in combination with other submissions.

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Here is the index of what you’ll find in this video:

• Basic Wrist Lock Mechanics – 0:56
• Palm-Out Standing Wrist Lock – 1:56
• Palm-In Standing Wrist Lock – 2:37
• Wrist Lock from Standing Bicep Grab – 3:35
• Figure-4 from Closed Guard Sleeve Grab – 4:49
• Palm-In Wrist Lock from Closed Guard – 6:30
• Gooseneck Wrist Lock from Arm Lock Defense – 7:10
• Telephone Wrist Lock from Mount – 8:55
• Far Side Wrist Lock from Side Control – 9:56
• Gable Grip Wrist Lock from Back Mount – 11:05
• Baby Arm Gooseneck Wrist Lock – 12:03
• Modified Omoplata Wrist Lock – 12:34
• Chicken Wing Wrist Lock from Back Mount – 13:35


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