VIDEO | Peruvian Necktie & Darce Choke with Because_Jitsu & Knight Jiu-Jitsu

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Some excellent details for applying and finishing the Peruvian Necktie & The Darce Choke, powerful chokes that should be part of your arsenal whether gi, no gi, mma, sport, etc. While I was up in Alberta visiting Drew Weatherhead (the mastermind behind @because_jitsu) I got to experience some great training and hospitality. I also picked up some great details on techniques I have been using for years, but now have some tweaks to make them even more effective. This video shows some of those details behind the Darce Choke and the Peruvian Necktie.

Let me know what your experience with these submissions is, as well as others you like to pair them with. If you want to see more from Drew check out of course @because_jitsu on Instagram as well as his academy account at @Central_Alberta_BJJ.

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