Video: Conor McGregor reportedly caught on camera stomping phone

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There appears to be video footage of Conor McGregor going full Pride rules on a man’s cell phone.

TMZ reported Thursday that it attained video, which can be seen below, of an incident that occurred earlier this week involving McGregor allegedly taking a man’s phone and stomping on it.

In the video, two loud banging noises can be heard before we get a visual from behind of what appears to be McGregor using his foot to destroy the phone in question. Also, a voice can be heard shouting, “Let me get my phone, man!”

McGregor was arrested on Monday afternoon for his involvement in the “minor altercation” that happened late Sunday evening as he was exiting a hotel in Miami. He is being charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief.

Alleged victim Ahmed Abdirzak told TMZ that when he attempted to take a picture of McGregor by the hotel, the UFC fighter pulled him in with a handshake before grabbing his phone and “smashing it.” Abdirzak did not confirm whether he would be pursuing a lawsuit against McGregor.

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