VIDEO | Bladed Grappling Jiu-Jitsu | The Cow Bite Technique

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Cows are nature’s vampires. Little known fact.

The knife changes so much in ground grappling. And at the same time, the positional hierarchy already does a lot for the monitoring and defending of the possible deployment of a knife in the ground fight.

After a Bladed Grappling seminar at Endeavor Defense & Fitness in Columbus, Ohio, I had some great observations and insights with Aaron Janetti on a certain aspect that comes up a lot. This is a partial exploration into the nature of that. The Cow Bite is a powerful tool for controlling positions in which both arms of the opponent are across your center line. This video shows how to take advantage of that.

Also, cows are not vampires. They don’t go for the jugular as implied in this description or this video. I wonder who will read this far into the description, though. Or who will watch far enough into the video to get this joke. Always interesting.

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