Velveteen Dream criticizes WWE’s use of Legends

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NXT’s Velveteen Dream has developed a pattern of tweeting edgy or controversial things… and then deleting them. If it was the only thing he did to get his name in the pro wrestling conversation, you’d roll your eyes. But since it’s only one of many tools in the 23 year old’s tool kit, you’ve got to recognize the skills.

It’s even easier to do when he uses the trick to say things a lot of fans are thinking. Which he did today when reacting to the WWE Instagram account asking which Hall of Famer should follow in Jeff Jarrett’s footsteps and return to the company’s ring:

Grab screenshots now, because these will probably be gone in the morning.

It’s all part of what makes his boss Triple H say that Dream is “wonderfully gifted on creating a buzz about himself”.

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