Various WWE Superstars Upset by their participation in the Battle Royal of Evolution

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With less than a week left for the historic WWE Evolution women’s event, there seem to be some superstars who have complained about status at the event. Specifically, they complain that they only have a place in something like the battle royal and not in a team or individual battles.

In fact, several wrestlers have already shown their discomfort with messages in their personal Twitter accounts that hint that they deserve something more just when WWE announced the first participants of the battle.

Not only has it been on social networks, but also behind the scenes. has reported exclusively that Asuka and The IIconics went to speak with Stephanie McMahon to talk about her performance at the event and claim that they deserved something more for their situation in the weekly programs.

Not only they, but other fighters like Naomi and Carmella were also the ones who complained about this situation and went to ask for a change to have more prominence in the female division of the company.

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