Use The “OK Grip” To Secure The Two-Finger Guillotine Choke

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It never hurts to learn new and innovative ways to finish submissions, and 10th Planet’s Ben Eddy has provided us with just that with a demonstration of how to execute the two-finger guillotine.

In this clip, Eddy demonstrates how to put on this modified S-grip guillotine and offers this explanation for why it’s so effective:

“Here’s the grip I look for when going for a “#hindulotine”.. 👌 I also use this modified S grip guillotine for non rubber guard guillotines. @chuy_125 caught Hideo Tokoro in this last CJJ with an S Grip guillotine while Hidoro was passing to his side control too.. These S grip guillotines are nice because they offer more elbow mobility and you can apply them no matter what side your opponent passes to. The difference I made to the S grip guillotine is this thumb reinforcement which allows it to stay tight while “dropping the hammer” (raising your elbow over for the choke) and also allows you to just synch it up with only the thumb and index reinforced rather than the whole S grip. Because you only need the thumb and index finger, this choke can come on in a lot of places where normally the opponent would be able to defend or think they are already properly defending. Also the finishing motion with these guillotines is all in the elbow lift rather than the squeeze contraction. So I feel I don’t use squeeze energy like a normal guillotine and risk gassing on the sub attempt. I just slowly lift my elbows and patiently wait for the blood choke to settle in.”

Take a look at the video below:

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