Tyson Fury Motivated By Wilder’s Talk of KO’ing Mike Tyson

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By Simon Green, courtesy of The Daily Star

TYSON FURY has revealed his mouthwatering heavyweight encounter with Deontay Wilder is happening because of Mike Tyson.

Fury and Wilder will battle it out for the American’s WBC title at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on December 1.

Ahead of the bout, The Gypsy King appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to speak about his battle with depression and boxing career.

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He then explained his reason for accepting a fight with the 33-year-old.

“While I was walking, I was flicking through Instagram on my phone,” Fury said.

“I see this video of Deontay Wilder saying ‘Tyson Fury is finally done’.

“He did this video after seeing this photo of me being fat and said: ‘He’s finally finished and even if I did fight him in his heyday I’d have knocked him out’.

“Before that, he was talking about Mike Tyson and how he’d knock him out in a round.

“And I thought to myself: ‘That’s very disrespectful to talk about someone who is not even in your era and all that sort of stuff’.

“So I thought to myself: ‘If I ever do fight you I’m going to give it to you for that reason’.

“And then when I saw the other video of him saying I can’t come back he gave me that much more motivation to return just so I can beat Deontay Wilder.”

During the candid interview, Fury also revealed how – in the lowest point of his life – he drove a Ferrari at 190mph towards a motorway bridge because he “didn’t want to be alive”.

But after teaming up with trainer Ben Davison, the 30-year-old overcame drug and alcohol addictions to return to the sport.

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