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Triangle from Headquarters


The headquarter position is one of the best for passing guards. It allows the top player to pass in any direction with many different types of passes including different passing styles. Headquarter’s position is also versatile in the sense that you can easily attack rolling kimuras and guillotines to pass the guard and get submissions.

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One submission attack that is very underutilized from headquarters is a triangle. This triangle, that is kind of a flying triangle, is very effective when done quickly and technically. Because of the distance and positioning from headquarters, however, this attack must be done in perfect timing. Not only must the timing be perfect, but positioning of the defender’s head and arm must be taken into account.

Usually when playing from headquarters, one foot is between the defender’s legs. If it stays there, the triangle is difficult to attack because it can get stuck there. Defender’s, however, are constantly trying to pummel their feet in front of your shins, and this will give you the best timing to attack. In the following video by John Danaher, you will see just how to time and do this technique appropriately.

Foot placement when attacking this triangle is of utmost importance. If you don’t have the correct foot placement, you will miss the triangle and end up on the bottom without anything. This submission is only done well as a surprise though, and if you make any sign that you want to attack, the bottom player will remain wary and easily prevent it from working.

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